A tradition and commitment to quality.

In 2002, Matt walked into Ocean Graphics, in the barn behind the Gazebo Inn at the time, hoping to find an internship that would complete the requirements for his Marietta College Graphic Design degree. What he found instead was a scratchy-voiced man named Mark who offered him $8.00 an hour and what would ultimately be one of the most impactful relationships of Matt’s life. His requirements met, Matt returned to work for Mark and his brother Kevin for a decade of summers to follow. What began as an apprenticeship became a life-changing brotherhood.

Matt went on to become a professional graphic designer in New York City, designing many products and promotional items for many top brands. Love and fatherhood brought him back to his roots in Wells. With Mark as his best man, he married Kirsten, and together they have created their best work to date, four wonderful (and expensive) children.

In 2020, when Kevin approached us about the possibility of buying the screenprinting portion of Ocean Graphics, we knew that we had to say yes. This business that we have cared so much about needed to stay alive and in the family. And thus, Crooked Barn Press was born out of love; love for our local community, our fellow man, and for those who watch over us from the great beyond.

While our children don’t have the opportunity to know “Uncle Mark,” we are teaching them about the man that he was through his art, his high-quality craftsmanship, his love of reggae, and occasional profane outburst. Mark taught Matt everything he knows about screenprinting, a lot about how to live life, and what it means to be a good man. We are proud to carry on his legacy with the same gusto, love for this community, and above else, the Barnard commitment to quality.